“Once you get a taste of the future, there’s no turning back”

– Paul Auster, Moon Palace


FintechLab is an Observatory focusing on the impact of new financial technology in the financial services industry. The Lab sees itself as a think tank for experts and professionals to reflect upon the political, economic, technological, legal and social impact of FinTech.

How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott | TED

Stanford Webinar - Fintech Revolution: How Disruptive Innovation is Transforming Financial Services

Sectors of activity


Online financial systems providing advice to consumers regarding investment and insurance.


Cyber Security

The enthusiasm for new and innovative Fintech services should not detract from the issue of cyber security and cybercrime.


Online payments

Digital apps for secure online transactions that do not require bank account details.



Public record of all transactions conducted by users across a cryptographic network.


Crowdlending & Crowdfunding

Dedicated online platforms allowing promoters or individuals to raise funds through an online community while bypassing the usual funding channels of banks and investment dealers.



Digital apps and solutions in the insurance industry resulting from the symbiosis of the Internet of things and digital platforms.



Research Papers

Quelle blockchain pour la santé ?

  Un potentiel disruptif comparable à l’Open Data, des champs d’application multiples et une philosophie basée sur l’open source, le...

Fintech Arena and Creative Disruption in Financial Services

The Research Paper studies the Fintech arena within the financial community.

L’invasion FinTech : zone de turbulence en vue !

L’avènement de l’Internet des objets (IdO) a causé dans le monde des finances un véritable tsunami économique.

Cracking the Code of Successful FinTech Startups

According to The Economist magazine, North Americans are investing billions of dollars in FinTech.

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